"Intense Burn"-Dance Fitness with Jessica (DVD3)

"Intense Burn"-Dance Fitness with Jessica (DVD3)

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Ready to take your fitness to a whole new level? Dance Fitness with Jessica has created a fun and easy way to get yourself feeling healthier and more energetic then ever before.

On this volume you will get 19 BRAND NEW Dance Fitness routines designed to up your cardio, boost your metabolism and get you on the right track to a full body transformation.

Whether you are new to Dance Fitness or a seasoned vet, you’ll get a great workout from head to toe. You’ve learned the basic with Volume 1 and Stepped up your cardio with Volume 2, now let’s see what your made of with fresh dances and a few twists thrown in!

Follow this program 4-6 days a week for 12 weeks and watch the pounds come off as you build new muscle and shed unwanted fat. Always make sure to stay plenty hydrated and eat clean for the best results!

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"Intense Burn"-Dance Fitness with Jessica (DVD3)

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